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Ideal offers to our membership include:

  • Affiliate programs
  • MLM
  • Software
  • Web Promotion Tools and Services
  • Hosting
  • Etc., etc.!

Anyone interested in promoting their site should take advantage of one of the several advertising opportunities we make available...

FLN Advertising Opportunities

A. Home Page - Three 468x60 positions

Your ad appears on all members replicated home pages.

Impressions Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
10,000-50,000 $8 CPM
50,000-75,000 $7 CPM
100,000+ $6 CPM

B. Home Page - Co-Sponsor Message

Your ad appears on all members replicated home pages.

Up to fifty words including link to your URL

Impressions Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
minimum 25,000 $60 CPM

C. Thank You Page - Two positions - One 468x60 Banner and one 50 word Text Ad

This page "pops up" after members finish the sign up process. They are ready to leave the site. Put your banner here for only...

Impressions Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
minimum 50,000 $35 CPM

Or choose a text ad up to 50 words at only...

Impressions Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
minimum 50,000 $60 CPM

These are the only two positions on this very desirable page.

D. Contact Us Page - Three 468x60 positions

Impressions Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
minimum 50,000 $6 CPM

E. Reach our targeted FLN Membership through our "MySiteInc.com Community and Commentary" weekly newsletter (formerly named "FLN Community & Commentary")

Community and Commentary is a weekly newsletter sent to all members. It features articles from the best marketing experts on the net and each issue features successful methods of marketing used & submitted by our members. This unique approach allows members the opportunity to submit their good ideas and interact with the entire membership in a way no discussion list could.

Only 3 positions available in each issue, giving you maximum exposure without clutter

Location Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
Top - Flag 1 $25 CPM
Middle - Flag 2 $18 CPM
Last - Flag 3 $22 CPM

F. Reach our entire membership every day through the Free Links Network Exchange

The "Free Links Network Exchange" is a very popular daily moderated discussion list. Its primary focus is internet marketing. Members here exchange ideas, ask questions, get answers in a highly professional format. Through moderation we maintain quality postings and maximum readership. Mailed daily, five days weekly. This vehicle with its three sponsorship positions delivers maximum punch.

Location Cost
Flag 1 $80 Flat rate
Flag 2 $60 Flat rate
Flag 3 $40 Flat rate

G. FLN Review - Private mailings to our members

Its a sure way to explode your online business. Reach our responsive membership through the FLN Review. Mailed approximately once per month. We will examine your product, service or opportunity and work with you to develop copy sent by us with our recommendation... but only if your product or service is accepted. It is highly recommended that you offer FLN members something exclusive in your offer. Contact sponsor@FreeLinksNetwork.com and provide name, phone, site URL, and brief description of your offer.

Our members trust us and respect our opinion. If your program, product, or opportunity meets our strict guidelines, we could make you happy through our private mailing program.

Note: This program is for the "experienced" net marketer. Price negotiable based on performance/CPM.

A stat page showing impressions and click thrus for page view advertisers will be set up and you will receive access to it upon processing your order.

All banners are 468x60 GIF files. Animated is okay, up to total 10k.

First time advertisers substract 5% from order except FLN Review.

And all members hosting the FLN icon subtract 5% from any order except FLN Review.

FreeLinksNetwork.com, a wholly owned subsidiary of MySite, Inc. makes no warranty or guarantees as to your advertising results. Our sole obligation is to deliver the number of banner exposures in the agreed position, or the number of mailings, as ordered by you, the advertiser. The time required to do so is dependent on factors such as total # of members, monthly page views, and technical considerations.

Yes, I Agree... Take me to the Secure Order Form Now...

For questions, please contact sponsor@FreeLinksNetwork.com.

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